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To start things off last Tuesday my baby dropped a valve and put it through the top of the piston. Here are some pics of the carnage.

Broken Exhaust Valve:

Valve Stuck in the top of the Piston:

I spent all last week pricing parts and trying to decide if it was worth fixing or to start looking for a new bike.

Flash forward to Friday. My wife finally graduated from Iowa State University. After 7 years she is finally done. ;D She has a Criminal Justice degree and also majors in Psychology and Biology and. Now we get to start paying off student loans:mad:

Today I talked to the bank and purchased a 2006 red SVS with just under 7K miles. Going to pick it up Monday:hello2:.

Once I get the bike I will be parting out my 02, so if anyone needs 1st gen parts let me know.

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