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I have for sale a Knox Contour Back protector.. Size small. Designed to fit someone 5'8" and under. Approximate measurement of the torso is 450mm torso (too broad if you ask me.. But whatever).

I've only worn it a handful of times, never crashed with it. I don't use it because I was gifted another of equal quality, so I figure someone else could use this one.

As for the protector itself... extremely light. I've used it on the highway, in the twisties (except the one time I crashed because it was 30 -40 degrees out and I had so many freaking layers it wouldn't fit under the jacket). The mesh "webbing", so to speak, works better in this back protector than in anything else I've used (like shoes). On the track I never noticed it, kind of forgot about it haha. It's probably the thinnest protector you can get, so it doesn't add a whole lot under the suit.

I would take a picture, but I feel there is no point. The velcro is all intact, as are the elastics. Kidney protectors are still there too.

Price... 100 OBO
Please PM me with offers! I prefer not to ship, though we can discuss if you're interested. I will be at CMP July 14th, and can likely have it delivered to VIR or CMP at another date. Otherwise I'm located in the Raleigh/Durham, High Point/Greensboro, or Winston Salem areas in NC. Newport News or Williamsburg in VA.

Here is a factory image (left one):

A link to more info on it:
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