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Ok some of you remember my fiasco with Knee Draggers when ordering my SMX-4s a long time ago and that they waited for a week to tell me they didn't have any and still they charged my credit card.

Anyways I've decided to give Knee Draggers a second chance so I ordered some Galfer rear brake pads and a shogun bar end slider. The moment i entered my paypal information and clicked the checkout button, suddenly the page redirects to a screen showing that i have a empty cart!! I thought i was supposed to get some notifacation that the order went through and a receipt that i can print out. I tried going through my knee draggers account to see if the order information is there but no dice!

Now the fun part, my paypal has been charged 61.82 dollars and has been sent already to Knee Draggers, and i didn't even get a freakin email receipt!

What should i do guys? I alreayd emailed the sales reps.
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