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I split a piece of rubber tubing and fitted it over the front edge though to stop the fiber glass scratching the tank.
Clever fix! My throttle cable was rubbing ever so slightly against the edge of the race front fairing - I had taped the edges of the fairing which seemed to work, but I think split rubber tubing would work even better.

It's kind of an odd design as it has three sets of molded lugs that rest on the frame where there are matching threaded screw holes.
Ah you mean where the OEM seat would normally hook under, mid-way through the tail section? I completely forgot that there were screw holes in the frame there. Makes sense. That would be a solid mounting point.

Oh yeah, the racing went well today, I was 2nd in all three races. There was a young 14yr old on a KTM moto 3 type bike giving me a run for my money. I never thought a 250cc single could go so quick!
Congrats on the podium! I suppose the lightweight combo of a 250 single + 14 year old rider would make for tough competition, especially in technical sections of the track. Reminds me of my next goal for a lighter track day package come spring - shed some rider weight!

Thanks for all the info. I'll be looking to get a tail unit at some point over the winter. Would love to see some pics once the bike's all painted as well. Cheers.
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