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Thought I'd start a thread about my racing exploits 'down under'. Could be an instant cure for the insomniacs among you Lol. :zzz:

I've just completed my fourth season of racing in the local provincial championship called the Southland Cup. I race in a class called Formula 3 / Superlite which is dominated by SV 650s, the odd 600 four with one cylinder disabled (effectively a 450cc triple) and a few old 400 fours plus the odd 300 twin. Bit of a motley collection you could say :). I've managed to win the class title three years running now but it sounds more impressive than it really is. Unfortunately the grid numbers and strength of competition in my province is really poor, so as long as you rock up for all six rounds (18 races) and do OK with no DNF's then your pretty much going to be placed in the top three at seasons end and take a sash home.

So it's a bit of a local track hero scenario for me which means when I poke my nose out of my home province I get my butt kicked :icon_biggrin:
Last summer I had a huge reality check when I decided to try my hand at the Nationals in the Pro Twins class. At the first round I qualified 16th out of 18 riders which I kinda expected but in the race I was dead last by a country mile Ha ha. I was quite despondent and could have easily packed up and gone home then but I had paid big money to compete in four of the five rounds over the summer so that was what I did. Long story short, I ended up 15th out of 25 riders over the course of the competition but my placing was enhanced by some riders only doing a couple of rounds. There was a huge attrition rate over the five rounds with bike failures and broken bones so we went from a best of 19 starting riders on the grid to 11 by the last race of the last round. I was very consistent at least and finished all 12 of my races (three per round) with no offs or mechanical issues. I did get faster and even beat a couple of riders in round three which put a smile back on my dial.

I'm a sucker for punishment so this summer in January I will be again competing in the two South Island rounds of the Nats. I wont venture North this year though as it cost me a bomb to be tail end Charlie last time.
This year I wont have the same expectations of myself and just plan to enjoy it more and try and improve my lap times and hopefully placings. Won't be my first time learning the tracks either and will have some data to use as a guide to how well i'm doing. Looking forward to it, will keep ya's posted.

Before I wrap this up I'd like to say what a great run I've had with the SV mechanically. Admittedly being an engineer I'm pretty hot on maintenance and constantly checking the bike over etc but man it's been good just to park the bike up between race weekends and not have to spend hours in the garage or even worse have issues at the track. They really do seem to be able to take a bit of punishment these bikes. Most of my time has involved getting the suspension set up right and I'm pretty happy with it now.

Thanks to all of you who have answered some of my many questions the last three years. There is a wealth of knowledge on this forum.

Here's a pic from the last meeting:
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