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Kickstand Extender Foot Pad Recommendations

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Looking for Kickstand Extender Foot Pad Recommendations
Do you have one? Do you like it?

Top picture is from Mad8VCycles to show the kickstand extender on the bottom of the picture there.
If you have an awesome one, please recommend!
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Curious. The name brand products (SW-Motech, R&G Racing) seem to be a lot pricier than those off eBay or Ali. Are they worth it you think?
If you value style or a name brand. Otherwise, this is just a big lump of metal or plastic. Doesn’t take a lot of skill to design/engineer to make it work.
It was bad enough that Vegas had rows of daiquiri machines along pedestrian walkways. All hours, just like the slushie stations in a 7-11! 😳
1 - 2 of 36 Posts