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Kickstand Extender Foot Pad Recommendations

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Looking for Kickstand Extender Foot Pad Recommendations
Do you have one? Do you like it?

Top picture is from Mad8VCycles to show the kickstand extender on the bottom of the picture there.
If you have an awesome one, please recommend!
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2x4 block
Too funny. Some people show happy face, some are more like eww...
Guy at lower left has a bong. Or vase. :ROFLMAO:
The guy is drinking a Hand Grenade. It's a famous drink served on Bourbon Street in a green bong-looking cup. Nasty.
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Drive Thru Daiquiri’s
We've got them all over Louisiana. Funny thing is, they can only serve them with the straw on the side. If they stick the straw through the lid, they are breaking the law. LOL
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We love our daiquiri's!
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Fat Tuesday
Great place. Too bad they don't have a drive through window.
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