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Kickstand Extender Foot Pad Recommendations

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Looking for Kickstand Extender Foot Pad Recommendations
Do you have one? Do you like it?

Top picture is from Mad8VCycles to show the kickstand extender on the bottom of the picture there.
If you have an awesome one, please recommend!
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Any cheap Aliexpress foot pad will do. Choose according to your liking.
A lot of stress?
A fraction of the bike weight laying static on a flat surface?
I have seen or read people using plywood, tiles, any any sort of other material with success: what makes you think this is a stressed component?

Suzuki didn't put much engineering in the foot pad, otherwise they wouldn't have made it with a hollow base.

The only thing to be verified, once the extended foot pad is installed, is that with folded kickstand it doesn't rub against or come excessively close to the chain.
Hollow base?
The kickstand foot base is not flat on the underside.
Would take a picture of it, but I have the extended base on it.

Edit: found an online photo, this should clarify what I mean.
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