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Purchased the bike in January 2011. Picked it up for $3600 with 3750 miles on the clock. Bike was completely stock. Did all the general maint. so that I knew that it had been done and moved on to mods/upgrades.

Mods so far:
Lower Faring
Bar ends
DIY fender eliminator
M4 exhaust
New chain and sprockets
New BT023 tires

To do list:
Swing arm sliders
SS brakelines and new pads
Rizoma tun signals
Tank protectors
Power commander
H4 dual headlight relay kit
R6 tube/quick throttle
Corbin Seat
Passenger seat delete/tail cover
Hotbodies undertail
Racetech springs and emulators
Rear shock upgrade(undecied on which option to go with here)

Now for some pictures:

Stock form soon after I bought it.

Lower faring from Onieda Suzuki.

One of my bar ends fell off somewhere, so I picked these up from Cycle Gear.

Diy fender eliminator. I like the looks of a under-tail better. But this will do for now and it was only a couple of bucks. New rubber also seen here. I am 100% happy with the BT023's.

M4 Carbon standard mount(Thanks SVracing parts!). Sounds like a bike should now. New chain and sprocket also seen here.

So this is how it sits as of 5/24

Ill put up more updates as I do more stuff to it!

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Necro thread!

It has been almost 7 years since I posted here! Over the winter I put on the last mods I will ever put on this bike. It was nice out today and I thought it would be a good time for some pictures. It has been a long road and I plan to ride this bike in its fully modded form for a few more years. All of the mods turned this budget bike into a truly awesome bike!

Mods List in no particular order:
Color matched lower faring
Speed metal carbon fiber bar ends
Targa fender eliminator
Puig Racing windsreen
BMC air filter
M4 slipon exhaust
Railside Performance exhaust hanger
Power Commander with full custom map(Thanks EDR Performance!)
Vortex sprockets
Apex clip-ons
Motosliders no cut sliders and spools
Evotech brake fluid reservoir
Spigler SS brakelines
Vesrah brake pads
Rizoma turn signals
Eastern Beaver H4 dual headlight relay kit
Shorai Battery
Osram nightracer headlight bulbs
Healtech speedo healer
Pazzo brake and clutch levers
Motionpro revolver 2 throttle
Oury Grips
Color matched grab bar delete/tail cover
Traxxion dynamics spring and emulator kit
Ohlins rear shock(Thanks Mad8v!)
Progrip tank protector
New BT023 tires(soon to be Pirelli Rosso 3)
I think that is all of them, there are so many that I may have forgot a few. :rock:
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