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I lost some weight, my jcket size went down as well as my helmet size. I had a HJC Cl-SP and a HJC Cl-15 before in XXXL. I replaced them with a XXL VR 1X

Quality is definitely lower than HJC's lineup. The paint is very nicely applied, but just rubbing against the wall caused stratches. That would mean some serious damage if it were just dropped from 2ft. The fit is round... heck just see's review.

For 50 bucks from Motorcycle Superstore, it's definitely the best ECE 22.05 helmet available at that price point (the other being AFX). Since SNELL finally threw in the towel and admitted ECE was better, I was looking specifically at only ECE helmets. I experienced none of the visor issues associated with this helmet 8 years ago when it first hit the market. It is very well constructed, there are two hard spots in the liner but it seems like a great deal at sub-100 bucks. It's also very very quiet in comparison to HJC's.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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