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Had my 2003 sv650s fully faired now about 3 months and it has gave me 0 issues other than the horn doesn't work.

Yesterday I drove to the cash machine driving 100% normal and switched her off, got back on and she refused to start .if I remember correctly she did try to tick over a little then gave up after a couple seconds. L
uckily I was on a slight slope and she bump started for me but a half mile down the road when I opened the throttle I noticed it was seriously down on power and was stuttering at 7krpm.
So I'm nearly home and need to stop to get cigarettes (parked on a steep enough hill because I was sure she wouldn't start again).
Again no start and even at around 12-13mph wouldn't bump. Eventually bump started at around 16mph (barely), still very low on power.
When I get to the end of my street I twist the throttle and she lurches forward as she normally does full power again so I pull it into the drive and leave it to tick over for a while. Stop engine. Try to start again.
Nothing, just a click, wouldn't attempt to turn over at all.

I know or the common water in the cylinder problem but would this cause all of this?

This is my first post here, thanks in advance.
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