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k3 rear brake caliper assembly?

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so my rear brake was dragging pretty bad

and also was pretty worthless when pressed (untill it locks up)

so i bled the line and took the piston out of the caliper

cleaned it up a bit

now i want to reassemble and see if i did anything productive

or if maybe my master cylinder is out

(sometimes when i would press my rear brake would stick in the down position (on) ...but i don't know what that is a symptom for)

my problem is i dont' know how to get the piston back in the caliper?

i never took the seals out to check them....they are still installed

so what hte proper procedure for gettin this piston back in
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C clamp and compress it back in slowly. or a large pair of channel locks works ok too. just
keep an eye on the piston seal while you do it.

edit: sorry, didn't notice that you took the piston OUT. i'll look at my service manual when i get home.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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