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I finally had enough time off to start doing some things I really want to do to the SV, namely, suspension.
After some email questions were promptly answered, I ordered a set of springs and oil from Rich on my way out of Alaska, and they arrived two days after I got home. Fast shipping, and I can't say enough about how well Sonic kept me updated on my order.

Got the springs changed today, and it was nice enough this afternoon to give them a little tryout.
With my nearly 220 lbs with gear, the stock springs were sorely tested, especially on downhill turns. Rebound was also lacking with the light factory oil, I have gotten used to using a combination of throttle and brake to "set" the suspension in corners, and trail braking was just about out of the question when on steep downhills. No more!
I have a steep, sharp, downhill on the road I usually take going home. For the last four years I have approached it gingerly, and taken it slow. Today I drove around and took it six times just for giggles, trail braking further in each time. Next to changing tires, this is the best thing I ever did to the SV.

All my gravity challenged brothers, if you haven't done this think hard about doing it, it is well worth the effort. ;D

Three hours got it done, taking my time. If the weather is as crappy this weekend as they say, maybe I'll finally mount the Gixxer shock I've had in the garage for two years.
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