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Joe Rocket optional CE approved back pad

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Obviously more protection is better,but Is it worth the extra $80? Are there other cheaper alternatives that offer the same/better protection. For example I saw this in another thread
would this offer the same protection? would it fit in a joe rocket jacket?
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Protection is worth MUCH more than you pay for it when you need it. That being said, I've bought things like the back pad you've linked to and made them work. If you're a little innovative I'm sure you can make that pad work with your jacket, most jackets have a pocket for back pro's.
i just picked one up for my shift jacket if it dont fit I WILL MAKE IT!!!
measure the pocket in your jacket and then see if you can find a back protector with the mesurment listed online so that it fits and stays in place

i got an astars rc back protector for my astars jacket for $25 they make them in a few different sizes. its really stiff hopfull it will be fine as long as i keep my back straigh. haven't ridden in it waiting for the snow to go away.
It wont fit it very well. You will need to cut the top off to fit the JR pocket
Why settle for a built-in protector? if you want back protection, get the real thing, a T-Pro Forcefield... It's not expensive, and it offers far better protection than this does (that's not just marketing, it's got much better coverage, lower back and kidney especially, but also it's CE2 not just the lower CE1 standard, which means it's about 50% better at resolving impacts. Built-in protectors are better than nothing, but if you're going to spend the cash, I say do it right.
Learn how to sew, get some nylon, and velcro... then you're golden.

That's a lot of stitching to do by hand. It is for me anyway. I need to start taking advantage of living next to Mexico and the cheap labor over there.
Hand stitching is minimal. Model your jacket velcro like the Aerostich suit. Here is my Aerostich back and hip pads. The back pad came off a jacket I no longer wear (CE rated), and the hip pads came off of pants I'm not wearing. The Aerostich suit has a single piece of velcro holding each of the hip pads already sewn into the suit and has 3 pieces of velcro for the back pad. Each piece is small enough that it shouldn't be much trouble to stitch something similar on a jacket.

I traced the armor pieces along some scrap nylon I had lying around. Cut 2 pieces, one longer than the other for the opening, and sewn them together like a bag to put the pad. I had to figure out how to sew in the corresponding velcro pieces, so that when I flip the bag around, that it'll have to face the right way to stick.

I've never sewn before, and the wife got a kick out of me wasting alot of material trying:

The nylon bags just hold the armor. The sewn in velcro is what sticks to the suit, which already has velcro sewn in.
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