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I'v got this neat strip in my tire.

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So apparently there is this neat new strip in my tire. I never noticed it before, in the past umpteen thousand miles or whatever. It's right in the middle, you know because I slab so much. It's like the meat of the tire is worn through or something. Anyway what should I do to fix it?
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Duct tape.
Ha that's funny.

LS, does it look like the pic of my tire?
Burnout and get a new tire?

Do you have any pictures of it?
Got a pic for us, Lance?

it goes all the way around.

My boss came back from lunch and asked if I had just upped my insurance policy or something. Then when I looked, I was like "I think I'll go really slow home tonight"

It's all the way around it. I like to call it dual compound
How many miles are on this tire?
24,210 oh wait that's my odometer and it's stuck there. I haven't a clue I have no odometer speedometer keep track thingy.
Go with the new Flintstone tires. They never wear out.
it's not that duel compound.......yet.
Go with the new Flintstone tires. They never wear out.
They're awesome for rolling out tortillas too.

ol, yeah when I get home to mine I will notice mine is the same as when I deployed I it was clear it needed replacment. then my brother put 200+ miles on it. good thing for the F3 rear I got with new dunlops on it.
Never ask a buncha drunks late Friday night about tires. Or anything, really

You guys are drunk? Man, I need to hop over to that thread.
Oh, my.

You need a new tire.
what are you talking about I've got another umpteen miles on it.
You should start a poll, and ask everyone "What tire should I buy?"

I'll come back in 2 years & bump it.
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