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Just remember, you’re allowed to be a little selfish at times. If the bike makes you happy, like mine does, never give it up. The problem is that even if your wife is torn between her wants and your happiness, it’ll always sour your relationship a little.
I started riding as a kid, first on dirt bikes, enduros, trail 90's, and getting my first road bike at 14. When I was 24 I got married and my wife asked me to sell the bike because she worried about my safety. So I did. I was miserable. Every day I looked in the want ads, and every bike that rode by I'd call out by make and model. After six months or so my wife said "I can see how much you miss riding, you should get another bike, just promise me you'll be careful." That day I rode home in my new-to-me bike, and my mojo came back. That was 33 years ago, and I can't tell you how many times my wife has told me that was the best decision she ever made, because, as she puts it "you looked so sad every time a bike rode by".
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