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Hey all, just wondering if the guidelines changed to post for sale. I used to post here all the time but have strayed away from it..

I am currently parting out a 2001 sv650 S model 20k miles running engine salvage no title
2007 sv650 NAKED MODEL 40k miles rod knock , salvaged title frame
2006 sv650 race prepped S model, engine sold, clean title frame

also, was trying to post this
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank Automotive tire

2007 Suzuki Sv650 NAKED MODEL Complete PART OUT

This bike still runs, but the motor has rod knock and its a salvage title that owes 120$ in tag fees,

Complete part out, quick list of part prices

Complete naked conversion - 700$

Burgundy plastic set (gas tank, rear tail fairings, fender) - 555$

Rear rim 100$

Fuel pump 05+ - 350$

Chain oiler thing? - 20$

Lock set ( ignition,gas cap, rear seat lock) - 100$

OEM blinker set-60$


07+ wiring harness - 120$

07+ deal plug ecu-150$

Dual spark plug coil packs (pair) - 60$

Let me know ANY PARTS YOU NEED, I am partin out 3 sv650 currently so I have EVERYTHING you’d need to build a whole bike back up

Located near 91316 Los Angeles

818 689 0863
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