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Is there something wrong with this set of clip ons

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Realized not too long ago that I couldn't attach my bar ends to the right clip on (left one in the pic) because there's no threaded hole like the other side. The larger hole has some rubber / silicone substance in it. Is this the way it's supposed to be stock? Couldn't find anything on the microfiches since they all highlight the left side.

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It looks like someone's damaged the thread then drilled out the hole. That'll be too small a hole for the rubber inserts used on some bikes from the looks of it... If it were me, I'd fill the hole with JBstick or similiar and tap it a new thead.

(cap44's answer is right for some bars but not for these)
Or carbed SV, possibly.
Northwind, is JBStick good enough for a retap or am I better off just finding another right clip on?
It'll be strong enough, no worries- you wouldn't want to use it in a structural location but for this it'll be fine. It'll be more likely to fail than the stock thread but probably not much different to the rubber bung type. I'd do it personally but ymmv, you'd be quite within your rights to go back to the seller and get your money back of course.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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