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Is it easy

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is it easy and basic to take off your tail section? i am repainting and i need to take it off to give to the guy so i am just curious how easy it is
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if you have just a wee bit of common sense you can do it no prob..

it just takes a little time if you want to do it correctly..
but should be cake.. just take your time and look for ALL the bolts
Put the bolts back in the frame once you have the tail off.

And Yes it is pretty easy. Just don't force anything. One piece at a time.

You can Do It! :thumbsup:
okay thanks for the advice i appreciate it
I had to remove the plastics to do a fender eliminator - wasn't to bad. Can dig up the instructions if you want a step by step.
Here's what I've got:

1. Remove front seat and passenger seat.
2. Remove two bolts for grab rail and remove grab rail.
3. Remove the socket head bolt that secures the passenger seat lock release cable. Disconnect cable and bracket.
4. Remove screws/bolts on seat lock bracket (the two in the rubber supports). Remove bracket.
5. Remove screws/bolts (don't remember which they are) in front of battery (front of plastics at subframe). Remove screw between front/passenger seat (in the middle.)
6. Take out all the push pins. (Push in center of pin to remove)
7. Unplug tail light, license plate light, and turn signals.
8. Spread and remove the tail section. Don't force it and slide it backwards.
9. Undertray/fender has a couple of more bolts holding it in place if you go that far.


undertray and fender bolts: 9.5 ft-lb
seat release cable bolt: 7 ft-lb
grab rail bolts: 21 ft-lb
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wow. torque specs.
Plagarized the Suzuki Fender Eliminator Instructions.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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