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Reacharound potential = maximum
roadhead potential = does not exist

the cockpit is like a fighter jet, passenger sits directly behind the driver. so, yes, you can drive around with a hot chick

Useless. If I can't put my hand on her, uh, thigh, what good is it?

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What if they want to drive the Wiener Mobile? Is that ok?
Son of a.......

I forgot aboot the weinermobile. :) There is an exception to every rule. If presented with the chance to drive, or even ride in the weinermobile, take it.

I would love to drive that like a mad man, in rush hour traffic, cutting people off, and running them off the road, just so they could say "Yes Officer, I do have a description of the vehicle that ran me off the road. It was a huge weiner." ;D
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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