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is 270 for a New M4 slip on a good buy

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I haven't looked at exhausts in a long time.

If I picked one up for 270 is that a good buy brand new never installed?

A local is selling one says he rashed his bike up before he installed it. Its a 30 minute drive pics look good is it worth the drive?

Its aluminum and has the mid pipe its for a 2004+ 650
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yeah that a good deal. I think I paid around 400 shipped for mine but I like to support the forum sponsors. :D
I already have a muffler just want a nicer upgrade.
i was looking at them today. some of them are a pretty good deal i think. think i saw a yosh slip on for around $300, but didn't look at shipping costs. some good deals on there.
I think I paid about $270 for my polished stainless M4 shipped.
THat doesnt include the mid. Though Guess its worth looking at tomorrow morning.
I believe the price I was quoted by Blair was $290 shipped for a polished standard mount. I paid just under $400 for a polished High Sport Mount. I'd say from a private party in new condition...that's a good deal. At least 15-20 less than it would cost through a vendor. Plus you get to see if first hand before purchase.
paid $290 for mine mint.
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