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I'm installing the Koso R1XN speedometer on my k6 SV650
I thought wires would be much easier to figure out but I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing lol

this is a link to the wiring diagram I've been using

and here is a picture of the wires from the original harness

I've connected
and this is what I think I know

RED & WHITE: > fuel system > Engine Control Module ?!
BLACK: Left turn signal
YELLOW: High beam
BLACK & LIGHT GREEN: clutch switch > ECM > starter relay.. ?!?!
ORANGE & GREEN: front brake light switch, rear brake light switch, horn switch, to signal in the fuse box........... ?!?!?!
BLACK & DARK GREEN: goes to ECM.. ?
BLUE & BLACK: Neutral light indicator
LIGHT GREEN: Right turn signal
RED & BLACK: Fuel level sensor?
BROWN & BLACK: goes to ECM... ?
2x BLACK & WHITE: Ground wires...right?
BLACK & WHITE, ORANGE & RED, PINK & WHITE: original speed sensor
GREEN & YELLOW: Oil pressure

Wires that I have connected

Oil Light > green and yellow
EOBD light > lights up with Black&DarkGreen, Brown&Black, Black&White
Fuel > red and black (I hear there's a problem with this on sv650's after some search in the forums) note that at first, I had connected that red and black wire (which I think is the fuel sensor) with the positive wire of the speedometer...and it did light up the unit (but that just means I'm low on gas right? xD)
High beam > yellow
L turn signal > black
R turn signal > light green
Neutral light > blue black
"+" wire connect key on DC 12V main power switch > red and white wire
Positive pole (Connect to the battery DC12V) > now connected with the orange and green wire
Ground > black and white

with these connections, the unit lights up when I turn the key to on, and pretty much all the light signals show..
Now I have no clear idea why I connected the "+" to the RED & WHITE (it's the only connection that keeps all the lights lit up: I tried with the other ones and it only illuminated for a few seconds)
and the Positive pole with the ORANGE & GREEN WIRE (also works with black/brown, black/light green)

That was a lot of guessing, a little bit of experimentation, but my logic says that it should work fine with these connections
but if there's anybody that knows I would really appreciate it if you could tell me if I did something wrong

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Hey, I just stumbled upon this while looking for info on the fuel sensor and I'm guessing you don't need an answer to this anymore, but hit me up if you do!
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