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Installing bar ends - Now what about stock mirror holes on SVS?

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Hey everyone. I know I've seen this in the forum before, but I tried searching and couldn't find the info.

So I ordered some bar end mirrors, and I was wondering what you all did to cover over the stock mirror holes on your fairing. I know there was a site that was selling covers, but I was wanting to see a few options.

If any of you could post some links to these covers and post some pictures of yours if you have them, I'd appreciate it.

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ive seen mirror block offs on dennis kirks site, I think they are made by Pingel.
I just seen them on ebay. Do a search "sv650 mirror block off plates" and you should find them.
I have Bar End Mirrors on my SV1K and I went to the local Auto Parts Store and got some body hardware that you can push into the holes and make it flush, looks good.
I just put my bar ends on, go to home depot and get a pair of 5/13" Nylon Locking Hole Plugs, they rit fight in. Just spray them semi gloss black, and you're done.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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