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Indianapolis Noob

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Hello all.

Soon to be the proud owner of a 05 SV-S. I've been riding for about a year. My first bike was a 73 CB350G. Rebuilt the bike from the ground up. Decided I liked riding more than tinkering. Came across an 05 with 3200 miles on it. I will be picking it up this Saturday. I plan to commute mostly with the occasional weekend ride.

Thanks for having me,

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I am sure you will tinker with the SV regardless! Welcome!
HI THERE! Welcome!
Hi Novafrk, Welcome to SVR.

Have fun and ride safe!

Thanks everyone. Riding safe is my biggest concern. I'm already looking at the aftermarket scene... I won't do anything to it until the weather warms up a touch and I can put some miles on it.

What side of town are you on nucular?


Welcome. You did pick up the best year bike. Congrats.
LOL, I used to live in Avon. Welcome, like Teri said, 05 is the best year.
You plan to sell that CB by any chance?
South side, stop 11 and 135.

I may be selling it this summer. The wife wants to ride it this summer after she gets her license.

hhhmmmmmmm.......and why is 05 the best year ?
Let's just all agree ---

second gens are the best years! ;)
As long as we're debating "the best"... What is a good price to pay for an 05 with 3200 miles, a leo vince pipe, and the tail light integrator?
So $ 3200 is a sweet deal?
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