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Today it just dawned on me that I'm only 2 hours away and its a reasonable trip to make to join other riders... That and I'm about to look for gigs in Indy, so... who all meets up for group rides?

I was at Circle Center and I know there's a sportbike population... saw some Ruff Riders...
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:) I'd be down. There's no good roads here. We'd have to meet somewhere south, but I'm down. I don't know too many people with bikes in the area, and like you said, the ones I see are mostly Ruff Rydaz.
I would def. be in, I go to Ball State in muncie and I've only seen one other sv here..
A friend of mine who lives in Pendleton would probably join in too. Tho he only has an ex500 :) He gets 50-60mpg consistently tho.
It's kind of surprising how little representation we've got. I live in Broad Ripple and hear all the whiney I4's rolling back and forth almost every single night from May-September.
A friend of mine who lives in Pendleton would probably join in too. Tho he only has an ex500 :) He gets 50-60mpg consistently tho.
Yea, I could stir up 3 or 4 others. No SV's though, besides mine.
Id be in as well assuming it fits in my horrible weekly schedule somehow.
If anyone else is unemployed or not working around noon tomorrow, let me know. I'm for sure riding my face off tomorrow.
I'm on the northwest side. I'd like to get together with other SV owners. Can't wait for consistently warm weather to be here.
I'm in brownsburg - I go through Zionsville all the time on my way to work (Carmel). Speaking of Ducatis, I have seen a guy in Brownsburg several times lately on one of these - Nice looking bike.

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Who wants to meet up on Sunday around noon? I figure I can get out of church at 10, be in Indy around noon-1ish.
when i get my plates updated and get my license switched over to indiana im up for a ride. Im an hour south of indy but i work in Indy through out the week. The better riding is south of indy anyways lol
I could meet around noon tomorrow. I could go for a couple of hours 2-3 but I cant make it much longer than that. Where would you want to meet? I live about 5 mi east of downtown.
Pick a place, I'm not from around here so I'll have to plug it into my GPS.
Me and Dryer are meeting at the gas station in Pendleton at SR67 and 38 around noon tomorrow. I'll be riding down from Ft. Wayne after I get out of church at 10.

Dryer is leading since I don't know the area. I'm gonna bring the camera along for some photo ops.

I felt like being a hooligan... so I took off my exhaust and put an automotive slash cut on to show off the SSSA, ya'll might want to wear some earplugs. :nana:
Hope its a little warmer for you guys tomorrow. I got out a little today and it was still a little cold.
High of 56 tomorrow. I'm not too worried about temp. Gonna be donning overpants, and the bike still has the grip heaters and DL650 handguards. I'm usually the only bike on the road around here, at least until summer.
Few pics from today's ride. There was a pretty cool road (if it weren't for the traffic) in Pendleton somewhere. Oh and there was a reservoir.

I tried to convince Dryer to take his bike down the hill through a field but he wouldn't do it for the shot... so, I went offroad for this pic alone... hehe. I think it might have been someone's yard too...

My butt is kinda sore from riding for 6 hours.
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Yea Ive got to say Maviryk was pretty freaking ambitious about getting some of those pics, haha. We had some great weather as well. We will have to try to pull more of you Indy riders out next time and head a bit further south.
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