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incapable of taking off my front fairing

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Hi had to problem taking off my rear fairing, lower fairings and tank for painting .... but I can't take off my front fairing off the bike
I took off all the bolts on the front faiirng ... but it is still jammed there but I can't find from where ... anyone here had the same problem or has an idea of where to start??? what to take off first?
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It would probably help if you took the time to download and read the service manual. It clearly shows all the bolts that have to be removed and in what order they come off.
I think the procedure is found in Chapter 7 (chassis)
If you can't find using google, here is a link for you...
Good find, I tried to find a 2. gen one but had no luck.
Yes, and they have the 1st gen S-supplemental chapters! I looked for a long time before I found that site. It also has the 1st gen owner's manual.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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