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In my head?

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I read in the sticky that pair valve mod does not improve performance, but I feel like my bike is smoother from the 3-5 range.

Also adjusted my suspension rear on 3 and front on 1. Given my weight 150 with gear I feel the front is just spongey haha but the rear made such a vast improvement in comfort. Turning feels a lot more natural than forced. The front stiffness seemed like an on and off switch for me. At 0 it was decently stiff, but bump it up one number and it felt all squishy. For commuting it is all good though.
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Lol i wanted to play with the suspension some more. I wish there was like a chart that tells me what each setting is tuned to what weight, but the true chart is your butt/body
I think there IS the possibility of the engine running better with the PAIR blocked. Mine seemed to, and other members here have noticed this also. It isn't a big improvement at all...just feels a bit sharper and maybe more responsive at light throttle coming from deceleration.

When the PAIR valves are open, fresh air is allowed into the exhaust by the natural low pressures created by the pulsing. When the intake valve opens, due to overlap with the exhaust port some fresh air CAN be present to be sucked into the chamber thus diluting the charge a little. So.....blocking the PAIR could act to richen the mixture a bit sometimes, which you could feel just like bumping the jetting a touch.

The dyno is NOT going to show anything, so many people claim it doesn't help blocking the PAIR. But, normal riding seems better without it to me.:) Might be placebo for sure....but sometimes placebo cures just as well as the drugs. If you think it runs better, of course it does!
Yep that's how I feel.

As for sag, I saw this guy on youtube take a measuring tape, but I need to know exactly what points to measure. For now I am just doing body feel. I will google it later.
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