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I'm at work

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So 2 days ago it was 19 degrees, well now its 65 and I have to work. I don't think it would be as bad if I didn't work at a car dealership with the big glass showroom and the sun beaming in, going in and out feeling the beautiful day.:( Anybody got any ride photos and I'll pretend I'm out there not in here.
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me three...

parts here!!

smokin out back, it's around 50 here, but, there's still a lot of snow and crap on most roads...
Parts is open today? Ours isn't, nither is service. Customers get very upset.
I'm retired, but still can't ride today. Same story, last week really cold and very windy, yesterday and today into the 60s and sunny. Unfortunately I have the worst cold I've had in a long time, so no saddle time today. Two people called me yesterday and one this morning suggesting we head out.

Bummer. And it's going to be pretty for at least three more days.
Repost of last Saturday's ride.

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That photo makes me like the idea of you showing me where to ride.
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