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I realized a long time ago that I once I start doing something, I'm likely to get addicted to it. I took inventory of gear I bought within the last 2-3 years. I don't know the total cost of all these items yet...just seeing the length of this list scares me bad enough.

Anyway, here's my list of shame. And a question: Are there others like me and are there support groups for us?

Joe Rocket Alter Ego convertible jacket
Joe Rocket Blaster 1.0 jacket
Cortech Fusion jacket
Olympia Airglide silver mesh jacket
Teknic Monsoon jacket
Joe Rocket Rio mesh jacket
Teknic Speedstar jacket
Teknic Lightning jacket

Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants
Joe Rocket Speedmaster pants
Teknic Sturgis leather pants
River Road Mojave mesh pants
Teknic Tactic convertible pants
Teknic Sprint pants
Teknic leather sport pants


Joe Rocket Reactor boots
Oxtar TCS Evo Ti boots
Tour Master Solution WP boots
Oxtar Jupiter 2 XCR boots
AGV Sebring (1.0 with hard kevlar armor)


Velocity Gear body armor
Alpinestars bionic knee guards


Scorpion EXO-700
Gmax GM68 Crusader helmet
Zox Genessis SVS helmet
Scorpion EXO-400

Kevlar jeans

Sliders Kevlar jeans (x4)
Another set of jeans, but can’t remember the brand

Racer High End Kangaroo gloves
The Racer Supply Co. RSC2 gloves
Tour Master Summer Elite gloves
Frank Thomas Aquapore Advanced gloves
Teknic Speedstar gloves
Tour Master Winter Elite gloves

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oh yes

summer gear:
Joe rocket reactor jacket(want to get a rev-it jacket to replace it)
joe rocket phoenix pants
a* spx gloves
a* spx boots
scorpion exo400 helmet

track gear:
hein gerick 1pc
a different scorpion exo400 helmet
a* sp1 gloves
oxtar track boots

passenger gear:
joe rocket reactor jacket(a second one)
joe rocket summer style gloves(cant remember what kind)
hjc cl-15 helmet

unknown brand winter jacket
unknown brand winter gloves
A* stunt leather jacket
A* track leather pants(for sale)

i'm sure theres a couple more things i cant think of right now.

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Favorites can mean different things, so:

The stuff I wear the most days in a year are the JR Blaster jacket, Teknic Tactic pants and Racer Supply gloves. For boots I used to wear the JR Reactor boots all the time, but I can't trust the velcro anymore. Lately I've been wearing the AGV boots a lot. I wear the EXO-400 now since I've crashed the EXO-700 and broken the visor latch on the Gmax. These choices are a compromise of safety and comfort, especially if I might end up wearing this gear all day.

The stuff I like the most for their looks and protection are the Teknic Speedstar jacket, JR Speedmaster and Teknic Sport pants, Oxtar TCS Ti boots, Racer High End gloves. Sadly these are too hardcore to wear unless I'm going out to the mountains....aside from the gloves which are just too nice (and rare) to wear! I'm hoping to find a set of Teknic Speedstar boots to upgrade to, but they've been impossible to find in my size.

I can't say I'm really crazy about any particular helmet since my "perfect" helmet doesn't exist yet. I'm looking for a helmet that is comfortable, has a wide eye port, seals tight when all vents are shut and flows like a hurricane with vents open, has a smallish external shell and has an internal visor that is dark and covers the eyeport 100%.

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My problem is helmets. Here are the lists.

Arai RX-7 Corsair Tommy Gun
Arai RX-7 Corsair Hayden Laguna
Arai RX-7 Corsair Hayden Wired (black)
Arai RX-7 Corsair Hayden Wired (red, from a friend)
Arai RX-7 Corsair Sete
Shoei RF-1000 Voltage
HJC Fusion II

Alpinestars RC-1 - 2 piece
Joe Rocket GPX - 2 piece

Joe Rocket leather

Alpinestars GP Pro
Joe Rocket GPX
Joe Rocket GPX (yes 2 pair)

Alpinestars GPS 3
Alpinestars SMXR (hopefully soon)

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My list isnt so bad:

HJC something or other
Gmax gm68
AFX dirt supermoto style lid

Shift textile jacket
A* mesh airflo pants
1pc AGV sport leathers
Racer high end roo gloves
shift shorty gloves
A* super tech boots

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I was good for the first 1.5 years: Teknic jacket that zipped to pants -- all leather. Plus Sidi boots, Shoei helmet, leather gloves.

Just two helmets, the Shoei and a Sparx
Sidi boots plus two pair closeout Joe Rocket street leather.

Pants -- three Teknic (they fit)

Jackets -- well embarrassing :p

Vanson -- closeouts, etc. so 5
Dainese -- 2 8 track jackets, 1 other
the Teknic
Teknic mesh

I love all the jackets, but the Teknic will have to go this Spring as I usually wear a perf Vanson now or a non-perf Dainese in the cold.

Gloves - 4

Okay, I'll stop there. ;)

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I'm way behind. :)

A half season of riding, and I've aquired the following:


Fulmer SS, Smoke shield
Suomy Spec 1R Van Den Goorbergh Replica (Gambler)

Icon Motorhead Leather
Dainese ______ (not sure what it's called. It's leather.) :)

Icon Perforated
Held Ninja

Icon Field Armor Back protector
Icon Field Armor shin/knee guards
Alpinestars slide shorts

Icon Hooligan Kevlar paneled jeans

Alpinestars Riding shoes (looked better in the picture. Not much better than a regular hi-top sneaker)

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Hmm... never bought anything from that website. It always looked kind of "fake" to me...

Thanks for the heads up. :lol:
lol, there goes your money!

but yeah, I meant mostly the first post or 3. After it's been in their closeout section for a few months, they end up dropping the price, probably to below cost, to get rid of the last few. They send out an e-mail when they do this, and a lot of the time I've been like "wish I had the spare money". Looks like a lot of people here did :p I've seen a lot of this stuff in those e-mails over the past year or so.

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I've acquired a bit of gear considering I've only been riding a year

Triumph Mesh Jacket
Joe Rocket Leather
Acerbis Matrix (adventure style 4 season jacket

Draggin Jeans
Olympia Airglide 2

Alpinestars Ridge
Gaerne something or other (so nicely donated to me by krooklynsv)

Scorpion Exo-700
Gmax GM86s

fieldsheer 1 piece. (bought used off drummerdave....I couldn't pass up the bargain)

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I dont have a big list but i think its pretty good considering i havent REALLY started riding yet ;)

Arai RX-7 Corsair Randy Yellow

Alpinstars RC-1 textile

Alpinestars pressure air flow

Alpinestars Ridge

Zuki wants me to get riding pants at some point :rolleyes: Oh and i have an alpinestars lanyard too if that counts.

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Hmmmm... off the top of my head (hence no real details), I have:

3 x Shoei (1 x X-11, 1 x RF-1000, 1 x TZ-R)
3 x AGVs (2 x XR-2, 1 x Ti-Tech)

1 x First Gear Textile
1 x Frank Thomas Mesh
1 x A*s Stella Leather
1 x some other mesh
1 x some other leather jacket

Riding Suits
1 x Spidi Women's Lizard Wind Pro
1 x A*s Julie
1 x A*s Octane
(I REALLY want a Dainese Yu suit... maybe this summer when more MSF-teachin money comes in)

1 x Triumph Expedition boot
2 x A*s SMX+ (1 vented, 1 non)
1 x Icon Bombshells :)oops: I know, I know, but they're fun.)

1 x Icon Tarmac 2s
1 x some leather glove with warm linings
1 x some other leather gloves w/o linings
2 x A*s Stella SP-2s
1 x A*s Stella GP Plus

I notice a conspicious absence of pants... I believe I shall have to rectify that.

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You guys are killing me. Why don't y'all do us all a favor and post some of this stuff in the gear for sale section? Please.

And no, don't start buying up each others' stuff before the rest of us get a shot at it!
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