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(short version)

I really dig that song. The drummer in this video is pretty good. Hopefully he will develop more listening skills.

(extended rant version)

Many drummers feel driven to play every note possible to "hold down the fort" and filling up as much space as possible - but - there is a real need for drummers to make use of silence, dynamics, sensitivity and musicality in music. The performance is assisted by the original drum part in the background which gives a very impressive effect - but also points out that this interpretation is just a little too "busy" and self-indulgent and machine-like. Perhaps this is just music theory but generally less is more.

Have you ever watched a highly proficient horn player on drums? They pay attention to the space between the notes much more than trying to throw out as many notes as can be crammed into the fabric. They play with intensity and sensitivity.

I don't want to come off as critical but he's not playing alot of the intricacies correctly. For example: Right off the bat, he has the bass drum and snare parts down but totally disregards the hi-hat pattern. Now I wouldn't expect the hi-hat part to be exact - but the spirit just gets trampled through. At 0:13 instead of going into a crash cymbal roll he opts for 16ths around the set. We could go on and on.

I only say this because so many performances I've had people come up to me and say "great show, loved the music, etc." IMO that is nice to hear but it really doesn't get me to the next level. In reality I would prefer if someone came up to me and really challenged me to improve - I guess I'm just always looking for teachers.

I'm going to the Rush concert this September to get schooled. :icon_bounce:
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