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In my move away from textile and mesh to pure leather protection after seeing the results of some crashes in the ER and in Orthopedics. I have a motogp TT leather but need a jacket that is more perforated for summer riding. I came upon this ICON persuit on Iron Pony's website for 100 bucks. Never one to pass up a great deal. I made the purchase after selling my old helmets. Mine is yellow stock photo below.

Alot of people give ICON crap for bad gear, their helmets are made be xspeed on contract, their leather is crappy, etc... I 100% agree.

While it'll be protective enough, and seems substantial enough, the jacket itself does not scream quality. Not just in comparison to the MotoGP, even compared with a el-cheapo jacket I scored off ebay - 40 bucks brand new, the ICON is inferior in quality. The liner itself is thin and extremely flimsy, the back protection is a joke, it's a place holder for a real CE plate. The zippers are rough to operate, finally the leather itself is hard and over-processed vs the soft leather of the TT. The thickness is equal on both jackets. I would feel safer crashing in the MotoGP.

The jacket looks great, it's bright (useful so cager's don't run you over) and veyr flashy, which works because I am still young. Studies show red and blue barely register over black in a motorist's mind whereas yellow, white, bright orange, neons register instantly.

The ICON persuit definitely lives up to ICON's bad brand image here, equipment for people showing off, but people interested in quality or durability. But for 100 bucks, why not? I'll give it a shot and see how it works out.

UPDATE First ride: This thing moves air! Holy crap, it felt like riding with mesh today. It finally warmed up enough that I busted out the bike, man it was cold when speed picked up. While the quality still kinda sucks, I can't argue with the amount of little holes on this thing. It is definitely a summer jacket. But it gives leather protection and mesh like airflow at 100 bucks...
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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