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I need your advise!

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I need your advice!

I need your advice

i accidentally bought a 49 state bike (like 4 days ago) and i live in cali. it has 4300 miles on it so i cant register it or get plates here. so, i am stuck with an amazing bike that cant be ridden here. it needs 7500 miles for me register it here. i could go to arizona for a week and get title/registration and ride it many many miles and then come back to cali. or i could sell it in arizona. or i could transfer to a friend who can then put miles on it and then transfer it back to me. or i could have ride it here in cali with arizona plates until i get the miles on. for putting miles on, do you think that lifting the rear wheel and letting it spin will get miles on the bike? SO ya, what should i do guys, im down 5000$$ and i can only go to arizona for a week. i cant believe that i didnt check this before i bought it. the seller thought it was a 50 state model. he didnt know about the whole cali emissions suck thing.
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Keep it and go ride, you have what, 90 days to get it changed over?

Register it in another state until you get the miles. 3000 is not a lot, especially if you have some good roads.
ride it home via oregon. 5 days is plenty od time to put on 2000 miles.
Also lifting the rear wheel will not put any miles on the bike as the SV picks up the speedo off of the front wheel.
Register it in Arizona and ride it here.
Hi ascended, Welcome to SVR. Road trip! :)

Have fun and ride safe!
I'll swap a speedo with you. (no, not my swimsuit ;D)
Borrowing another set of gauges is what I'm thinking.
Disconnect speedo cable,hookup to a drill and spin it to the needed milage.
the odometer is digital, so will I still be able to hook it up to a drill and spin it? that seems like the easiest way to get miles onto a bike. as for a swap, i'd have to find another sv driver willing in the sd area, and i dont know of any. The arizona idea is a good one too, i could just keep all my stuff there and drive here until i get the miles i need, and then transfer it here. anyone able to tell me exactly how to spin the odo? also, you think the dmv will suspect if i bought it at 4300 and then try to register 3 weeks later at 7500?
treadmill? lol
1. Buy a throttle lock
2. Put in on a rearstand
3. Run @ 5k rpm till the gas is gone
4. Rinse and repeat
5. ????
6. Profit
^^^ Didn't somebody post saying the odometer reads off the front wheel? Which is it then?
Use a Dymo label maker to make a ODO sticker that reads 007621 and put that on the face of your speedo. Should work flawlessly.
is the mileage self-reported by any chance?

the easiest thin, if you can't just lie on a form, would be to find an odo with higher mileage and swap them.
no one looked at my odometer when I registered my bike. The lady at the DMV asked how many miles were on it now, and all she wanted was for me to tell her a higher number than was already on there

btw im in massacusetts and i have a 03 CA model i bought from a guy that moved from there
i can't edit my post for some reason but i meant the mileage that was on the title
I have never had anyone look at a vehicle either. I don't even think there is a spot on the inspection form for it either... but I'm also in MO. If they ask, lie.. it's not like you aren't going to hit those miles anyway.
Get someone at a dealership to give you a blank 30 day plate. Write on it in dry erase marker and change it till your at the miles you need.
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