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I got rear ended!

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So here is my story!

I am on the freeway, get off at my exit. There are two lanes at the end, one to go straight/left, the other to turn right. I am in the turn right lane, lights red and traffic is slowly merging in as it gets a chance. Traffic is pretty steady though so it takes some time to make a merge. There is one car in front and one in back, funny thing is something didnt seem right about car behind me, he was a little far to the left (almost on my side) but I could see his entire self and he clearly saw me.

Car in front finds a gap, pulls out quickly to merge, I look, not enough room to go so I work the clutch (cant recall if I lifted my feet or not but I moved 1-2' so couldnt have been fast) and pull forward to look for an opening. As I am doing this, and am completly stopped both feet down I get flung into the air, he saw his gap and hit the gas hard, was only 3-4' behind me to!

My first reaction after seeing my near mint condition bike on the ground is to go to his window "Did you even see me!!!". He responded saying he did but thought I was going to merge, regardless, let me merge before you floor it int me.

Anyways, I tried lifting the bike, a Harley with a women passenger (thanks!) hopped off the road and helped me lift it then left. Guy gave me information, me being inexperienced in traffic accidents called my dad and told him what happened he told me to make sure I had all the right info from the other guy. Other guy took down my insurance info to "tell his boys what he clipped". Guy was nice, middle aged, driving a nice car so I am sure he will get things fixed.


I had full gear on, will take a close look at gloves but dont think there was any damage, I didnt feel a thing, just a scare.

Both sliders (engine and rear spool) on right side are thrashed, there is a small white scratch on the bottom right lower fairing, Ill try and get some $$$ out of that but its barely noticable and could most likely be cheaply, maybe even sharpied, fixed. Its on the plastic thats angled in and really can only be seen if the bikes on the side stand.

Exhaust midpipe has a real nasty grind in it, will have to fix that. Small scratch on the metal bracket on the end of the high mount devil exhaust.

Thats about it for the right side (side it fell on). He hit me on the rear left side, left some nasty rash on the left tail plastic, knocked it out of place (not sure if any damage was done to it) and bent the plate (FE of some form in place).

Also there is a small crack in the plastic, I am guessing thats enough to get the shop to quote a brand new plastic, which I will likely do, I dont mind a little scratch like that on the lower but dont want rashed and cracked plastics.

Advice? Where to take it? What to say etc... etc..?

What to check, and how to get it paid for (frame, rear wheel, etc...)
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Should have called the cops.

Get insurance involved right away.
You are lucky-Should have called the cops though. You may have some serious pain in the next few days. Talk to insurance immediately. Take it to the suzuki shop, get a quote. It will be insanely high. have the insurance company look at the bike while it still at the shop so the dealer can help keep the check from insurance high. Get the check, then fix it yourself for pennies on the dollar. Use teh extra cash to mod the heck out of your bike, or pay it down if you owe something--economy is dicey.
drivers always make assumptions. that's a bad assumption to make in a situation like that. hopefully things work out your way!
Bummer! The main thing is that you are okay, the bike can be repaired. Your just got that bike too.

Do you have a sportbike shop nearby? They should have the stuff to check if anything is out of alignment. Maybe the HD guys you and your dad see knows a place to take your bike to. Good Luck!
You really should have gotten a police report.

Call your local police department and see if they can do one up after the fact. I don't know if they can or not.

This will come in handy, if the really nice gentleman that nearly ran you over, raises a fuss when you put in a claim on his insurance.
Thanks guys, you got me all worried about not calling the cops. I called my dad (dont know much about this) and he didnt even touch on that, just said to make sure I get the info.

I will get it to the local Yamaha (its an R6, not an SV) shop asap!

Ill likely replace the rear plastic as its pretty bad, the exhaust mid pipe is really rashed, sliders are course and the lowers have a small scratch. Not sure if the shop gives all new plastics for something like that in a quote but I could leave as is and pocket the cash, or put the new plastics on and then sell the current ones (great great condition, one small scratch).

Considering its a classic rear end accident I think there is little he can do but I will get on it right away, it does worry me though that he probably doesnt think it will cost as much as it will.
take it to the suzuki shop... the quote will be higher ;D j/k

Glad to hear your ok :thumbsup:
Haha well its a Suzuki/Honda/Yamaha dealer if that means anything :p.

Will they be able to do the quote for after market parts as well?
Things to look for:

rear wiring
frame damage
plastics damage
swingarm damage
rear shock
rear rim
check aligment on the tire, make sure it tracks properly
check the rear brake disc
next time you get smacked on the bike, CALL THE COPS. The police report is the only thing insurance companies go by (some times they lie on the report). If you are injured and lawsuits ensue, the only thing people will trust is a police report.
Here in Canada in my province.. all accidents involving injury must be reported to a police agency. All hit and run motor vehicle accidents must be reported to a police agency. Any accident with a combined damage of $1,000 must be reported to a police agency.

So in otherwords.. anything more than a small scratch has to be reported...

Even if the cops aren't called to the scene you can go down to the station and file an accident report.... I would check with your local cops and see what they say....
I hope you got the information of the Harley riders for witnesses if you need it.

Glad you aren't hurt (apparently).
Yeah...hope you at least got the witness info.
i knew it was only a matter of time before you crashed that r6... squid...

j/k :D
you should ALWAYS call for police. if/when the police issue a summons (traffic ticket) to the party they think is at fault, it greases the wheels for THEIR insurance to pay (30 yrs law enforcement). if the other party or their insurance is giving you a hard time, you might! be able to get some after the fact help from the police. maybe.
Darn kids on them crotch rockets! :) Glad you are fine!
Wait until the driver sees the bill, He will be in for a shock :)
" I got rear ended! "

I thought this was another gay thread.
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