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I crashed my sv a couple hours ago and was wondering what the *rough* cost of a few parts are. I have never priced this stuff. I am going to take it to a dealer and have them give me a estimate but I'm sure they would price up stock parts and I'm not looking for stock. I'm just having them look at it see if its fixable.

Here are the major parts that are in need of replacing. What does some of this stuff cost?

Handle bars
Gauges and headlight
Rear plastic+ under tail.
1 peg

What I want:
I've been wanting to get the gsxr front end set up and the Buell+vapor for a while. What doses the gsxr front end set up cost and what does that include? I think the Buell+vapor cost around 400 if i remember correctly.

Any information on the price of the things I listed would be of great help.

And in case any one was interested. Here is a brief overview of what happened. I was going about 50 mph into a blind slightly decreasing radius corner and was lined up for a late apex. Just after I fully tipped in I saw several large rocks sitting dead in the middle of my line. I ended up attempting to split small gap between two of the rocks. I ended up hitting the side of one of the rocks roughly 4 inch diameter which lifted my front wheel off the ground. When it landed the bars were at full lock and a simple low side occurred.

The bike proceeded to hit the guard rail on its side (which bent the forks I assume) and it spun into the middle of the road. I slid for maybe 30 feet then hit the guard rail which ended my slide.

Injury wise Its all good on my end. (Pics below) I was wearing a helmet, armored leather jacket, gauntlet gloves and icon street boots. The gear absolutely saved my ass. I'm glad I wasn't injured but I'm ****** because that's a real dumb way to crash..+ I really loved my sv its probably totaled.

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Well I only got to work on it for about an 2 hours today and I decided I am not taking it to a shop. I don't see what a shop can tell me that I cant find out some how myself. My dad is going to bring me some material that inspects welds for cracks. I removed my tail plastic and other than the cracked plastic nothing from the tank on back appears bent or squeezed in any way. The bike started on the first try and it ran fine and the radiator seems repairable.

Unfortunately Both tires have vertical rips in the sidewalls so they are toast and the front rim has a small chunk missing maybe 1/8 around on the lip. I'm thinking all I need to do is a gsxr front end + gauges, lights, and new tail. That should fix 90 percent of what appears to be wrong...Its not really looking that bad.

And to svr650 I'll be definitely have some questions for ya. I'll pm ya later tonight. I do some school work for a few hours then I'll look at that gsxr forum topic a little more before I start asking ya questions.

Oh and a special thanks goes to MotoFusion who is sending his spare gauges to me for free :)
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