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If you are truly on the fence about a hugger or chin spoiler, then flip a coin.
But, you have to be willing to go with what the coin says, or you arent really on the fence, so the choice should be apparent either way.

At least that is what I do when faced with the same dilemas. Learned it from a friend. He was going to get a tattoo, and had two slightly different drawings that he took to the artist. The artists didnt care which one he got, so my buddy goes "I should just flip a coin"
Rick, the tattoo artist punches the cash register, the drawer slides out and he pulls out a silver dollar. My buddy Dave says heads and points to one drawing, tails and points to the other. Rick flips the coin and the decision was made.
"ten bucks off just for that" Rick says, probably because he is sick of girlies coming down to the beach wanting to get matching ass hat tattoos with their girlfriends and they cant decide on what color to make the butterfly...
it was great.
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