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Huge windscreen?

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I want to get a windscreen for the bike because I use it mostly for commuting on the highway. Also, I am planning on a trip to the Grand Canyon in May. The screen I was looking at was the Givi A650. It's huge. 25'' wide and 19.5'' high. My question is, will it make the bike handle like a pig? Also, since it is so freakin' huge, will my wee SV have the nuts to push something that large with relative ease? I don't want a screen that is just small enough to deflect the wind up under my helmet but if the A650 will destroy the "feel" of the bike, well I don't want that either. Chime in people! Ready.....GO!

A650 link:
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I was also looking at the A770 of course it costs about $75 more....
I think the a700 is the one. That flip at the top,makes all the differance. Your sv will have no problem, pushing those. :)
thanks! I will check that one out as well.
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