The price listed is just a starting point. Just throwing a number out there.
Selling an enormous amount of SV650 parts. All first generation.
One frame with good title ready to be signed over to new owner. Not salvage title.
One parts bike (1st gen) with lots of nice parts on it. Has title with issues.
Three complete engines total.
Four fuel tanks in all.
Several sets of carbs.
Bodywork - too much to count.
Exhaust - too much to count.
At least 4 or 5 complete wheel sets.
I have TONS of parts in boxes. Multiples of everything. I can share hundreds of photos with interested buyers. Just message me. Could only post ten on here.

Looking for a buyer for ALL. Not interested in trying to part it out.
This will take some time. Buyer will need to really understand the logistics involved.
As for price, that is to be negotiated. Shoot me an offer. But we're not looking to get retail prices. If you're willing to buy the lot and part it out individually and make some money on it, that's great. Message me if you're interested. Located in Kansas City area.