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Howdy howdy from AZ!

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Hey y'all!

Just found this site today and am quite excited to start exploring. I did want to say 'Howdy', though.

Let's see: what to tell y'all? I live in Phoenix, AZ and have been riding for about 12 years. Recently, my 06 Triumph Daytona 675 told me that he was lonely in the garage all by himself, so for Valentine's Day this year I got him some friends: an 09 Triumph Sprint ST as a commuter, and a 99 SV650 as a track-only bike.

The SV needs a little bit of work (new wheels, new rubber, some suspension tuning, a touch of paint and perhaps some work on the brakes if I have time), but I hope to have it out at Firebird in March.

Not sure what else to say! Feel free to ask any questions you might have!

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Here are a couple of pictures of the harem:

The SV is lookin' a little nekkid and scruffy because the lower is sitting in the garage, getting prepped for paint.

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It really is!! :D I've worked my way through all of the japanese race bikes over the years, and the 675 beats every one of them, in my opinion. The powerband on the triple is soooo much more useable than any of the I4s - I hit peak hp on the 675 around 8.5k, as opposed to over 10k on my old Gixxer. While the geometry isn't quite perfect, the 675 is much more nimble than any of its Japanese competitors and, as a female rider, I love the fact it is so narrow.

I love love love my Daytona, but I needed something I could take to the track and not stress over crashing (parts for the 675 are hard to find, and waaaaay expensive). Hence, the SV. :) I'm soooooooooooooo excited to get it on the track!
Hey y'all,

Thanks for the welcome, and the great info on which tracks are best for the SV. I'm friends with the folks who run AZTrackday, and try to patronize them over Tracktime soooo... I'll have to wait until May to get onto West. Besides, at least for the first little while, I'm going to be getting used to the new scoot and not worrying about being passed.

Great info on the track in Deming. I'll definitely have to check it out - does anyone have a link to their schedule? (I can't find it with a quick google.) Isn't there another track around Santa Fe? (I did my MSF RiderCoach training up there, and several of the RCs were talking about a local track...?)

Cruz - I will definitely get in touch when it gets closer, but I'm currently planning on going to Main on the 8th. I'll be pitting with the guys from The Helmet Center, and should be pretty easy to find.

Weazel: Triumphs are addicting! I'm absolutely in love with the brand. Are you on the AZRatPack site at all?

Dobbs: Thanks. :) I LOVE the 675, although he's feeling a little neglected. Both the SV and the Sprint got lots of attention this weekend (new wheels & tires for the SV, and about 350 miles of riding for the Sprint), while the 'tona just sat in the garage looking dead sexy and oh-so-lonely.
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