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Hey gang,

I don't think i've posted here yet but not actually sure cause i've been a lurker for a while.. anyway,

Ed in So. Cal. just getting back to riding again after 14 yrs or so off the bike. used to commute canyon ride weekly and do occasional track days way back.
I'm about to buy a Gen 2 ('09) SV650s non ABS in pristine condition, smoky Grey from a friend.

Bike was purchased new in late 2010, & was a cpl times a week commuter bike for about 5 years, always dealer serviced, and properly maintained. Owner has a '14 VFR he scored on close out in late 2015 so the SV was ridden maybe 1-2x a mo since then, if that. The bike is in pretty much perfect showroom stock OE condition to this day, my buddy is not really one to spurge on upgrades and modifications esp. for what was basically an occasional weekend fun ride but mainly a commuter bike...

That is all about to change.

I've been researching, collecting parts, and learning...the pile o parts has,.. grown..:
Carbon fiber hugger fender + fender eliminator / lic. plate relo kit, 14" carbon hi mount exhaust, Steves TRE, found a used OE fork upgrade setup- RT Emulators, springs and traxxion damper rods, w/a set of tank riser spacers tossed in, Galfer SS brake lines F/R, Adj levers, D3 grips, Tail, signal, and Headlamp upgrades, GSXR calipers, KZ10 rear shock...

I plan on enjoying the fork with the new internals for a while as I collect the rest of the parts for a GSXR front end swap....

Many thanks to all who have come before me and posted their experiments, discoveries, knowledge and projects large and small. I tend to go all in on my vehicles and projects, and it is good to see there is a solid vein of more " learned" opinions about such things I was interested in reading about like: wheel width upgrade challenges, SSSA conversion issues, the whole: Upgrade OE fork properly..? or invest in the GSXR option...?

I'm currently mulling over laying out big for something like a penske or other uber trik rear shock (praying i'm able to jump if one pops up for sale used,) or going budget for a cpl 3 years and just getting one of the YSS rear shocks for what $350/$400 ? ..
If they are as solid an upgrade as im reading, it may be worth it to keep the bike on the upgraded front and YSS rear for a cpl years and collect everything else over time ...

I like a stylish bike so any ideas on improving the looks of the bike are welcome I saw a trick set of custom projector lights in a FS post I thought was active,...but now I cannot for the life of me find that damn FS post again.... projector headlamps FTW! .

Look fwd to learning more here, and building a sweet lil SV from this bone stock commuter ;-)

JAysus!! that can & fender!....holy smokes.. lol....

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Howdy, looks pretty tidy alright, I like that smoky grey color. Not sure if we have the full faired versions here in NZ, have not seen one before. Yeah that can must go!

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Welcome to the forum!
That one looks like mine did when I got it. I've done some of the things you mentioned, emulators, ZX14 shock, SS brake lines, etc.. Great fun bikes in general..

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Well...I've been wrenching on this thing for almost a month now lol between work, the last few MTB weekends up in big bear, life in general and the weather.. only taken it out a cpl of times locally to run errands and what not.

Also learned that my back and wrists are a limitation so far on riding duration, yeesh this whole aging thing sux. who knew I'm not the rider I was 20 yrs ago. used to ride hte 500 to san francisco, san diego, monterey, no worries.... now 1 hour into stop and go traffic carefully spltting lanes and my hands start to go.. looking at wooodcraft risers now..

Phase1 of the plan went smoothly aside from working in stupid heat and humidity..dunno how youse guys in the proper south or mid-west humidity handle it...:

So far:
-Galfer SS Ft/Rr lines w/Speed-bleeders, + SVRP double banjo bolt w/Speed-bleeder. complete brake system/fluid flushed 2x w ATE Super Blue fluid. Uses ALOT of fluid, but really clears out all the old crap stuck in calipers/ reservoirs etc. at least 8 years since last complete system flush.
-Rr Fender Eliminated. YEAY!! + All 6 ugly ass OEM warning stickers FINALLY removed after 13 years.
-Delkevic 14in carbon fiber hi-mount slip-on exhaust w/titanium hardware + custom carbon fiber hanger bracket
-Complete LED lighting conversion: Running lights, Headlamps, Turn signals, new smoked tail lamp w/integrated turn signal LEDS
-Customized fleabay alloy lic. plate bracket w/integrated LED plate light + turn signals
-New Ft. Brk. fluid reservoir / ATE Super Blue brake fluid, alloy cap, Ti hardware.
-Rear stand swingarm spools.
-Steve's T.R.E.
-SV1000s Air box snorkle, SVRP tank risers, TPS settings dialed.
-Fleabay adj. CNC brake/clutch levers - diss-assembled/shimmed tight, lubed, all hardware replaced with Ti./alloy, new clutch switch + rubber clutch cable cover
-The requisite tank protector + side grip panels
-Chopped OEM exh. hangar off rt pass. foot peg, painted footpeg brackets / pegs black
-Sargent custom seat
-Smoked small bubble windscreen
-Repaired a cpl of cracked body panel fittings
-Replaced a pile of steel hardware w/titanium or aluminum (upr/lwr fairings, fender, fender eliminator/bracket, chainguard, subframe, seat, tail section, rear sets, etc -

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Thank you sir, it is coming along very nicely, I spent literally the entire sunday finishing the final steps of phase 1:
  • modifying and Installing 1/4 turn R6 throttle tube + a set of Driven D3 grips, ....(FWIW... after reading like 3 threads and the OG canyon chasers article on it.. this was really straightforward & simple (with a dremel...) & it seems to have worked perfectly. The throttle rotates and snaps back nice & smoothly, just like stock. Its a Gen 2 '09 SV650S so its not supposed to work well or for long but we'll see, i'll keep a close eye on it, I only had to loosen the inline cable adjusters up top, didn't touch anything else. ...I forgot to snap some pics of my modifications, but I ended up cutting enough back so my tube matched the shape/profiles of the cable guides on the OEM throttle tube as closely as possible, vs just matching the 2 "cut away" areas shown in the canyon chasers article pics..) almost dropped $30++ on the SEARS Racing version.
  • literally HOURS of cleaning prob 3+ hours alone on the 12 years of dried chain lube/ brake dust grime off the swingarm, chain guides, shock linkage, F/R wheels then washed & detailed the hell out of it top to bottom, pulled the front upper fairing / tail section / side panels + seat...

As a straight up commuter in its first life/47k miles,..poor thing had not been properly detailed in years if ever.
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The Delk is surprisingly chill !? I assumed running it immediately w/no baffle it would be a lil obnoxious,...but it is really not loud at all unless yr. wringing its neck, and then it just sounds pretty damn sweet,.. throaty, deep & with a purpose roars a bit but nothing like the screamers that rip past my place regularly..

SV dun cleaned up reel good....
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