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How to remove a 2nd-gen tail

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I realize people have posted walk-throughs before, but they always seem to get lost in the depths of search. Mods, if you could sticky this that'd be great!

How to remove a 2nd-gen tail

First, gather the required tools:

* 4mm allen
* 6mm allen
* #2 Phillips-head screwdriver
* 10mm socket
* 10mm wrench
* 12mm socket
* Beer

Step 1) Remove the front seat side plates via 4mm allen-head bolts, one per side. Once unbolted, pull up and out. They'll pop right out.

Step 2) Remove the front seat via 6mm allen-head bolts, one per side. Once unbolted, pull the front of the seat straight up and out. There are two tabs in the rear that slide under hooks on the subframe.

If you haven't done it already, remove the rear seat/cowl. This will leave your bike looking like so:

Now you can start removing the tail bodywork. There are 6 bolts holding it down, two 12mm and four Phillips-head.

Step 3) Remove the front two Phillips-head bolts.

Step 4) Remove the other two Phillips-head bolts.

Step 5) Remove a small Phillips-head screw and 3-position push tab. Note, to remove the 3-position tab push the center in. When installing, push the center back out so it stick out. Pop the push-tab in place, the push the center back flush with the base.

Step 6) Remove the two 12mm bolts holding down the grab rail (or latch for cowl-havers).

Before the tail comes off you'll need to disconnect the seat seat lock cable at either end. If you have a 5mm allen you can remove it at the latch, which is easier. If not, you can remove it at the lock.

Step 7) If you have a 5mm allen, remove the seat lock cable. After removing the bolt twist the cable around to the slit (where the end is) and pull it out.

Step 8 ) Disconnect the tail light.

Step 9) Remove four more push-tabs underneath the tail. Mine all popped off in a wreck; they'd be were the holes are in the picture.

Step 10) Now you can remove the tail. Slowly work it up and over all the little tabs, wires and other stuff on the subframe. It is somewhat flexible, but try not to bend or pull it apart too much. It gets easier with practice.

Enjoy your tail-less SV!

The following steps are for removing your fender. I don't have an OEM fender to take pics of, but it's really all the same.

Step 11) Unplug your turn signals and license plate light.

Step 12) Remove two 10mm bolts holding the rear of the splash shield up (one per side). Pop the tab off and swing the splash shield down.

Step 13) Remove the four 10mm bolts that hold the fender on (or fender eliminator bracket in my case).

Installation is reverse of removal.
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Great job! Thanks!
Thanks a million for the great writeup, I'm sure you're going to save a lot of people some frustration and potentially cracked plastic.
No problem, glad I could help.
I cannot thank you enough for this.. best tail removal write up yet.
Good idea drinking Coors Light, so as to not get drunk while working on your bike. ;)
I normally drink dark German beers, but Coors Butt, I mean Light was on sale $9.99/18pk
Hey, one other question I've got, before I have crap laying all over the garage floor.

So I unhook the lock cable by turning it around and taking it out of the hole, seems quite easy... now how about when I go to pull the tail off?? What happens at the lock end?? Does the whole cable come with it, or do I have to unhook something there as well?
The cable will come off with the tail assembly.
The cable will come off with the tail assembly.
Sweet, thanks for the speedy reply.
Excellent, gonna clean up my bikes rear very soon.
This will help me, alot!
Your post is there but the pics are no longer available. Could you send the original post to me at [email protected]? I have a good idea of what you refer to, but the pics would be great. Thanks, Paul.
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