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How to park on a hill?

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Because I live on a kind of steep hill I keep the SV parked on the lawn next to the house in warmer months. I leave for work pretty early and my next door neighbor's house is maybe 25' from mine. The neighbor has been pretty sick (several trips to the hospital) so I'm thinking of parking on the street (hill) when I resume riding to work in hopefully not too long.

Tips for parking on a hill?
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Park facing uphill.
You have to park uphill. Therefore your bike's kickstand will not fold.
;D Unless of course, you put it in 1st gear.
*Park facing up hill +1
*Leave it in first gear.. If it gets bumped up (kick stand off the ground) it wont roll backwards. (or idiot punk kid sits on it).
*You can also park it (walk it backwards) with the back tire against the curb.. Not to much of an angle to the curb, you dont want it to fall because it is tilting to upright. (the steering lock, should turn the bike into the curb if it does roll)
*park it on the side, then push it out front and start it up/warm up there. A pain, but if you saw some of idiots sitting on or tying their shoes on your bike, like I did when I parked it in the city, it changes your mind fast on where to park it or leave it.
;D Unless of course, you put it in 1st gear.

don't count on being in gear preventing it from rolling/sliding, I know this from experience.
You can use a disc lock to prevent it from rolling. Park up hill, put the disc lock on near the top, then carefully roll the bike backwards until the lock hits the caliper. Remember before trying to take the lock off to push it back forward a little. Also, remember to take the lock off!!! I watched a guy drop because of that.
I park facing uphill, leave it in 1st, and also use a Velcro strap to lock the front brake lever.
In some areas you have to point in the direction of traffic flow. Check your local laws. Sometimes the laws are on the books but are unenforced. Some bikes in the past let you turn the front tire either way and lock it there. Not so on the SV.

If you are parking on the right side of the street and are facing downhill, put the bike in gear and use a disk lock to absolutely prevent it from rolling forward. If you can, park it at a steep enough angle to the curb that the front tire will jam against the curb if it rolls forward. Optionally, can you park on the left side (one-way street)? Do that with the front tire against the curb.

Uphill on the right side back the front tire against the curb. Uphill on the left side similar to downhill on the right side above.
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