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How to install a BACKOFF MC BRAKE LIGHT MODULATOR - by davidro

Where to get it:

$34.95 from Oneida.... Best price in town.

What it is:


STD #DS-272352
XP #2050-0030
[Additional Product Information]

Maximize your Brake Light Effectiveness with BackOFF. This compact solid state electronic module converts your ordinary brake light into an attention getting visual alerting device, creating more visibility and conspicuity when you are stopped or stopping. With BackOFF-MC installed, when you apply your brakes, it causes your brake light to automatically emit a visual alerting signal of 3 short light flashes, followed by 1 steady on light condition of 3.5 seconds. This signal automatically repeats itself as long as the brakes are applied.

XP MODEL--Create more visibility and conspicuity when you are stopped or stopping when you install the BackOFF-XP. Mode two emits five short flashes followed by a steady on light,light remains on until brake is released.

The How To:

Wire diagram from Signal Dynamics for the BackOFF-XP:

The installation was pretty simple (really....), the part the took some time was to figure out which was the brake wire, did that with a volt meter. I have a 05 (2nd gen), so for me the installation went as follows;

(Read all parts of this before you start, I'm not a pro at writing these things.)

Tools needed: Wire strippers, 3 small wire nuts (most tiny), scissors.

1. Turn key off, take the back seat off, right under the helmet holder is the connector for the tail light, it has 3 wires. White/Black Stripe (Brake Light), Gray in the middle (Tail Light), and Black/White Stripe (Ground) - I have a 05 so I hope it's the same for other year models.

2. Use scissors and make a cut 3"~4" up the black covering for the wires, peel back the covering, do not cut off unless you really want to.

3. Cut the "White/Black Stripe" and "Black/White Stripe" wires 1.5" past the connector, do this on the connector side toward the tail light, not on the side toward the battery. Strip back 1/2" of wire covering on the cut wires.

4. I selected to install my BackOFF-XP in Mode Two (5 flashes, then solid), this uses the
"Red Wire" on the XP module connected to the "White/Black Stripe" wire on the connector side, and then the "Red Wire with White Stripe" on the XP module connects to the other end of the "White/Black Stripe wire (from tail light). Basically what you're doing is connecting the XP module in line with the brake light "White/Black Stripe" wire. Twist the ends wires together and use the screw the wire nuts to cap the end (you can solder them if you like for a more stronger connection and cap with the wire nuts).

5. Now you need to connect the ground wires together, "Black/White Stripe" wires from the connector and light, and the "Black" wire from the XP module - just twist the ends together and screw the last wire nut to cap it off.

6. Roll back the covering on the wires, cut off excess, and wrap with tape (optional), wrap the unused XP module wires around the Red and Black wires (cut off stripped ends so it does not contact any metal). I wrapped the unused wires around the others so if I want to take the module out I can use it for something else, etc...

7. Turn the key on, and tap the brakes. Real cool to see the lights flash, much more noticeable.

So in a nutshell that was it, worked on the 1st try, wire nuts made it simple, no mess. But I do recommend to once in a while give it a twist to make sure they are well connected. Or if you know how to solder, or can find someone (car stereo shop is a good place), take it there and have them do it.

Ride Safe!

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