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Hey kids.

So I finally debaffled my SV650 K7 with the help of my mechanic friend Zac, who just happens to have a garage in his back yard and a Plasma torch. This requires you to cut the tip off your SV. If you don't want to do this, then don't! The guy in the photos is Zac, who is the owner of all that fun stuff (except the bike...that's mine!)

Disclaimer: My friend is a hick who knows his stuff. I would recommend you let someone else do it for you so you can blame them if something bad happens, not me.

- Giant screwdriver (flathead)
- Sledge hammer
- Vice Grips
- Pliers
- Chisel
- Plasma torch
- Welder
- Redneck who loves doing this kind of stuff
- Large tie-down straps (optional)
- Huge rock crawler (optional)

Step 1:
- Use a plasma torch to cut the tip off of your muffler around the welds.

Step 2:
- Cut around from the inside of the rim of your stock muffler exposing the inside.
- Cut out retention plate

*Note: We cut off the tip first because we are going to put it back together. This would have NOT been possible if we just cut starting from the inside because the plates and baffle would NOT be able to pull out. Then you'd be stuck with everything still welded in there and a outline cut of the muffler that won't do anything.

Step 3:
- Using the sledge, and someone bracing the bike and brakes, use the sledge to break welds, and use chisel to assist in breaking the welds directly from the inside.

Step 3a (optional):
- Punch holes in the tip of the baffle and insert screwdriver orthogonal to the muffler.
- Strap onto a rock crawler (or something big)
- With someone bracing the bike and brake, apply strap and pull out baffle

Step 4:
- With pliers, twist out baffle
*Note: You might want to ride around the block really quick to blow out all the metal shavings. It is VERY loud and you should be unable to speak by now because you're grinning from ear to ear

*Note: The top hole is where the Baffle used to sit.

Step 5:
- Weld together tip and end-plate back together and spot weld back onto muffler
- Grind/sand off to make it smooth and shiny.

Step 6 (optional):
- Use 5K Degree black or silver plate and paint over tip. I haven't done this yet, but I will be tonight. I'll post the pic later.

Final remarks:
- If you wanted to cut/shorten your muffler, this would be the time to do it because you can see where the 3 holes in your muffler are. You can make this into your new end and it would look tight! Enjoy your extremely too loud SV!

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