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How much? 08 GSXR1000 Forks?

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I know a guy who has the following from an 08 GSXR 1000:


Supposedly the bike was in a rear accident. He wants $300 for it all.
I know I still need the wheel, fender, axle, clip-ons, master cylinder, brakelines, etc.

I've checked Ebay and the price range for forks and triples, calipers ranges from $150 - $500.

Is it $300 worth it?
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Around what range would be considered a good deal? I figure I'm going to be spending about the same amount on the rest of the parts right, maybe more?

How much did you spend on yours?
prices are ebay averages
wheel 40-200
rotors free-400 (free=came with wheel, 400=wave rotors)
axle 10-60
clip-ons 40-250
brake lines 20-150
tire 50-300
forks 80-1500
triple free-200 (free=came with forks)
I have calipers and a master for you. I am parting my 01 GSXR front out right now. And I have lots of leftovers from various years. Might have SS lines I need to reach Galfer as one of my replacements are damaged.

The calipers are 2007 but they are the same. I also have a set of straight rotors with 800-900 miles on them.

And if you are naked I have lights and a gauge mount.

Oh and 300 is a great deal if you know they are straight.

Forks - 200-300
Triple 50-150
^ Sounds like he might throw in the calipers too! No master or lines so I might have to take you up on the offer if I do get it.

I know there is a link around here that lists everything I need and talks about the compatibility of bearings and all the other jibberish I am not versed in. I'll have to search for it later when I get home..or if anyone knows it, pls post.

Also, is there any simple way to know if the forks are straight? Seems a lot of of people buy them without ever seeing them. But in person, can I just eyeball them??
Ghetto way is roll them on a glass table or flat surface you should see any major movement, a better way is on a rolling stand or at a dealer.

If they have no rash on them its likely a good to go situation. And they can always be fixed.


All the bolts.
Some sort of speedo setup there are several setups I have part numbers but they aren't tested fully yet.
You can get by with your stock MC though its a little under sized at 5/8 look for a 11/16 or a 17 - 19MM are far better.
For bearings on the steering stem you don't need them for 2nd gens, first gens require it though.
Brake lines, the stock GSXR are fine if you stay with their clipons, SS lines are nice especially if you skimp on the MC.
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the first gen S model master and the 2001-2003 gsxr 750 master are exactly the same
I used a close rec. 11/16 Nissin MC. not a stock 01-03 Gsxr. Now its a brembo 19Mm
Ok.. so I have options with the MC. Will def try to upgrade to a bigger one.

I'm trying to get through the fork swap guide thread which is insanely long!!! The qestions I'm trying to answer right now are...

-Which GSXR model/ year (600,750,100) clip-ons will work with the 08 forks?

-Which year/model rotor will fit the 08 with the 08 calipers

-Will the ignition lock work..and this is based on the 08 triples I get right?
Rotors there are a few different ones, but I think 1k is 06-08 not 09 though.

Actually depends on wheel. Calipers work with any of the newer wheel, rotor combos.

Clipons pretty much any 50MM ones will work.

Most ignitions will lock just not full turn thats all.
Actually depends on wheel. Calipers work with any of the newer wheel, rotor combos.'s not the rotor going through the caliper, but the rotor attaching to the GSXR wheel that limits its use on the SV? I thought it had to do with the diameter of the rotor being either too big or small for the caliper to be able to work.

Thanks for all your info Buzz!
Diameter matters too.

01-05 (dont quote me for sure) are 320
SV 1000 and SRAD (96-00) GSXR 750 are 310

You could run the older wheel on the newer forks by machining the axle and spacing the calipers but over 300 is overkill on the street and you run the risk of locking the front or losing sensitivity on the brakes on the track.

Newer radial stuff is all 300MM

I have rotors for the 06+ stuff with the narrow spokes, I don't know if the bolt patterens are the same as the bent thin spoke newer wheels. I think they are.

Best setup is a 11/16+ or an R6 master, and HH pads, BTW I have a nearly new set to now as I am using the R6 calipers and they came with HH toyo pads.
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Or a beringer or Brembo master but they run 250+
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