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How I spent The morning of Feb 1

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This wasn't the first Polar Bear swim I've done, and the weather wasn't bad (41F air/39F water with a little breeze) but this year the Long Beach Polar Bears attempted to set the Guinness Record for the biggest winter swim. It seemed like a pretty good reason to get out of bed in the morning so a bunch of my friends met at one friend's beach house out there and after a few adult beverages we went for a dip...all 3500 of us or so. My buddy's GF took some pics, I'll see if I can get a hold of them tomorrow.,0,4575826.story
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"I had shrinkage!"
"I had shrinkage!"

Shrinkage happens (on another level compared to a cold pool or something like that), but that goes back to normal pretty quickly. For me the biggest problem is my feet, they always still hurt on the day after.
did this also set any hypothermia records :nana:

congrats on the swim. nothing wakes you up faster than almost frozen water
Not exactly my cup of tea...but if it's what floats your boat.

Congrats and more power to you.
Thanks guys. It's not something that I plan my life around but it's a good excuse to start partying WAY before the superbowl (we cracked our first beers around 11AM on the train ride out to LI) and help raise some money for a good cause at the same time. This one event has raised a little over a $1mm just over the last three years for the Make a Wish foundation, they're estimating that this year alone would be over $400,000.

Plus, I got a cool shirt out of the deal. :thumbsup:
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