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How do I use my impact wrench

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Hey Guys,

I am trying to use my impact wrench on the three bolts that hold the carb bowl into place. I just sprayed some liquid wrench on it, and am ready to use my wrench.

On my wrench there is a silver dial(?) that moves.

and I am not sure if with the impact of the hammer the springs move in the same direction or opposite directions after each impact. Like the first blow it will turn left, and the next blow It will turn right.

here is a picture of my wrench

My working outside

Top two Bowl bolts
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I'd probably use a T handle stubby driver on those, it's a little less brutal. Then chuck the screws and put some allen key cap screws in there :)
The advantage of the impact driver in this application is that the bits usually fit the screws better than than screwdriver tips do.
Naw, it's just a matter of using the correct screwdriver... Pozi and Philips heads are definitely not the same thing.

The real advantage is having a big arse handle that you can get a grip on. I second the info on the 'pot metal'... they don't like the back, but having said that, the impact driver is still a great tool because of the purchase your hands can get on the handle. T driver is good because you can put a lot of effort into pushing down whilst you twist.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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