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How can I check the malfunction code? Do I have to take it to the dealer to get that checked?
It's easy to put your bike in dealermode, i made a small write up with stuf i found on the net.

1: You will need to make your ‘dealer mode tool’…

Simply take a piece of wire about 3 inches long and strip back about 8mm of the insulating sheath (twist the cores together on multi-core cable). Snip off the last 2-3mm with a pair of scissors or a wire cutter to leave a clean end.

: Undo & remove the pillion seat.

2: Locate the Dealer Mode Activation Connector
If you look into the tail unit from behind, on the left hand side you should see a bunch of a few wires & connectors behind a bit of plastic protruding from the undertray.
Follow this bit of plastic down towards the rider’s saddle and you should find another connector. It’s rectangular, white plastic with 6 holes for connectors in and only 4 of them used. It also has a black rubberised cover on it.

3: Turn off your ignition and put your ‘dealer mode tool’ in the two terminals that are next to each other.

Do NOT short out the wire onto the chassis or any other part of the bike. Do NOT connect either of the other two terminals to anything.

4: With the ‘tool’ still in the connector turn on your ignition. The temperature display should have disappeared and now you will see a little line (like a minus sign), the letter c followed by two zeros. If you have any other numbers shown in this display, see below to diagnose your bike’s fault.

COO None No defective part
C12 Crankshaft position sensor (CKPS) Pick-up coil signal, signal generator
C13 Intake air position sensor (ZAPS)
C14 Throttle position sensor (TPS)
C15 Engine coolant temperature sensor (ECTS)
C21 Intake air temperature sensor (IATS)
C23 Tip over sensor (TOS)
C24 Ignition signal #1 (IG coil #1) For #1 cylinder
C25 Ignition signal #2 (IG coil #2) For #2 cylinder
C28 Secondary throttle valve actuator (STVA)
C29 Secondary throttle position sensor (STPS)
C31 Gear position signal (GP switch)
C32 Fuel injector signal #1 For #1 cylinder
C33 Fuel injector signal #2 For #2 cylinder
C41 Fuel pump control system (FP control system) Fuel pump relay
C42 Ignition switch signal (IG switch signal) Anti-theft
C49 PAIR control solenoid valve
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