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There isnt any adjustment in the engagement of the plates. Its really either engaged or not. This is because of the amount of fluid the mater cylinder moves during the lever pull. If you want this to feel like most other sport bike clutches which use 1/2 of the lever action to engage the clutch, you have 2 options. 1 - convert to a cable setup or 2 - get a master cylinder that moves less fluid, then it will take more of the stroke to move the plates. I believe someone used a master from an aprillia. You can search it. i just gave up and got used to the stock setup.

A small lunge is normal when it goes in gear, but its more of a kick, the bike really shouldn't roll forward. If you roll and continue to roll then you aren't disengaging fully and you need to bleed the master.
Dying on the highway with the clutch in may be a low idle. Check to see if you are at +/- 1200.
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