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As long as the thing is bled, there isn't a lot you can do with it other than making sure your pushrod is clean and lubed. The chain throws an amazing amount of mung on it and it can get sticky going into the seal.

The clutch can only push the hat so far when you pull the lever to the bar, and they WILL lunge a little if started in gear or CLUNK pretty loud going from N to 1. Mine clunks less now with the DL hub installed, and also shifts a bunch nicer out on the road like it is disengaging more cleanly than before. Something about the slop in the BTL seems to make the shift quality least it did to me.

The levers are adjustable and you might like it set to push the rod as far as possible when fully clamping the lever as it might mitigate your symptoms a bit. What you describe sounds pretty normal for the machine, though. It shouldn't stall out on the road, so you might have some things needing a tweak or three there.:)
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