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anybody got the holeshot fender elim for a 1st gen? i just got mine today... I was reading the directions, and they don't say where exactly to mount the flushmount signals. i was wondering if any of you had this and could give me some info as to where you mounted yours... measurements etc...

and i was also wondering if those signals will work up front? are they big enough to cover the hole up front? of should i buy one size bigger form lockhart phillips?

For lack of a better explanation, it's somewhat flexible where on the tail you want them to go. One thing I kept in mind, for NJ anyway, was that they had to be at least 12" apart, so the further forward you mount them, the farther apart they will be based on the shape of the tail section.
If you can picture it, I mounted them below and towards the back of the SV650 decal on both sides of the tail.
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